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After Wedding Photography

Five reasons for a post-wedding photoshoot

My philosophy of being a wedding photographer is about staying in contact with my couples for a long time. The number one feedback I hear from brides and grooms are how fast the day went by.

“The day went by sooooo fast.”

“I can’t remember because I blinked and suddenly the day was over.”

“I woke up and now the most important day was yesterday.”

Remember the moment you got engaged and started planning this very meaningful day of your life. 

In the following I listed up my top five reasons for a post-wedding photoshoot.

Best Spots

Taking all the dreamy pictures of bride and groom inspired by what they’ve seen online can be a struggle. Especially if they prefer to get those pictures on different locations. The idea of a ‘First look’ has been a great help in this matter. The couple enjoys an intimate moment and will be gifted with emotional portraits right before the ceremony. A second portrait session afterwards will be taken place on another spot with new lighting conditions.

Do you like wedding portraits in unspoiled landscape, in the mountains or close to a lake? Well this is not possible if you do not marry there. But it is realizable with a post-wedding photoshoot.

Better Guest Experience 

Inviting all your lovely friends and family members but then abandon them for hours because of taking wedding pictures? You do not have to feel guilty any longer. Celebrate your love, celebrate your day, celebrate your guests.

Relaxed Wedding Day

Your wedding day will infinitely more relaxed if you are not rushing from place to place trying to get lots of pictures and at the same time having fun with all of your guests. I honestly have to say that most of the time slots planned for wedding pictures are not in the best lighting conditions. The best pictures of Instagram or Pinterest were taken in the morning or in the evening right before sunset. Often we luckily get ten minutes for taking a few golden photos but it’s not comparable with a two hours after session from covering golden hour and after light mood.

Alternate Bridal Style

I recommend to chose a more natural style for the after session. This could be wavy hair and less makeup. Without the pressures of deadlines, you will be so much more relaxed than on your wedding day. You can make this session and the time about the two of you. Feel the moment, feel the wind in your hair and that will be reflected in the pictures. 

Last but not least: Wear your wedding dress again

It is no secret, the wedding dress might be the most expensive item on a wedding day. Maybe it is also the most important piece of clothing you’ve ever bought. So let’s do an after wedding photoshoot and wear your dress again!