A Tuscany Wedding | Italy

Getting married in Tuscany, Italy
Dear Italy, I love you.

Italy and its culture is truly one of my favorites. The Italians are well known for their delicious food and the best gelato in the world. When my husband is traveling with me to Tuscany we always take the car instead of the aircraft. We love listening to local music, watching the different landscapes passing by and having breaks with lots of Italian ice cream. 

Think about it, your guests will also have this nice and kind of vacation experience right before your wedding in Italy. How amazing is that!

Destination Wedding Tuscany

Off to our next wedding venue in Tuscany. This time we’ve been surrounded by the beautiful nature of Siena. Endless views and mountains with only a few villas above. Each villa welcomes their guests with it’s own long way of cypresses. I’ve often dreamed about this typical Tuscan area and here we are. 

Villa Boscarello | Trequanda, Siena | Italy

Federica and Thomas fell in love with their personal wedding venue last year: Villa Boscarello. In 2000 this place has still been a ruine, but the young and creative owner Carlotta Pometti made a dream come true. 

Take a look at this breathtaking place in Tuscany. 

Not expected: A rainy wedding

Against all expectations it was thundery and rainy on the wedding day. Therefore the ceremony and the great dinner with light bulbs above was planned to be inside. First we were a bit sad about it, but guess what? Heaven gifted us with sunshine in the morning and in the evening! While taking pictures of the couple in the sunset we’ve been accompanied by the incredible live music of The Old Florence Dixie Band. You can hear their unique sound in the following video. The whole wedding film created by my soulmate and travel buddy Jaqueline Weber Videografie is coming soon on YouTube. At the end of this blog post you’ll find a wedding teaser film.




watch this wedding teaser:

by Jaqueline Weber Videografie