Hey there, I’m Jennifer, a happily warm-hearted soul and a traveling photographer who loves the purest form of adventurous love.

As a destination wedding photographer, I have the opportunity to catch all those special, little detailed moments that should last forever. Pure and Authentic. That is what I live for and what makes my work as an artist so special all over Europe.

It is important to me that I decently take a story of pictures, so it is as natural as it can be. You won’t have the feeling that you are being watched and the mood won’t be disturbed. That makes it possible to look back at the photos without knowing there were any taken. A soft glance, a gentle touch of a hand, these are the moments a story begins. 

My passion is about the great outdoors, new cultures and to embark on new adventures.

My clients are well-traveled creatives who care deeply about creating a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and who have a passion for design and fashion.

-your story begins-

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